On Friday 14th June, 18 Year 12 Psychology students caught a (very!) early train to London Euston, along with our favourite teachers; Mr Berry, Mr Radcliffe and Mrs Sanders.

Shortly after arriving we hopped onto the tube for the first (of many!) time to Finchley Road. Meanwhile we found humour at each station singing the tunes corresponding to each stop (Waterloo, Baker Street etc).

By this time we were pretty hungry so as soon as we reached the hotel lunch was a priority! Some (along with Mr Berry) headed straight to Nandos!

We then travelled to Old Bailey Court, hoping to see a case, however unfortunately we had just missed one – one of the girls thought she’d just seen the criminal run past us!

So then we decided to make the most of the surroundings and do some sightseeing (and some tube hopping!) On our travels we spotted the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, The Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern, to name a few. (While of course stopping for coffee at any available opportunity in between!).

As dusk approached it was time for the eagerly anticipated Jack the Ripper walk on the scary side of town.
It was very interesting (not to mention a little spooky!) so much so that some pupils have chosen to research further as their topic for their EPQ.

By now we had most certainly worked up an appetite, so we jumped back on the tube to Finchley Road where we had booked our evening meal at Zizzi. There we were presented with some absolutely massive pizzas (most of which Mr Berry finished off!)

Full and worn out, the majority of us headed back to the hotel, whilst some of the boys decided to go and watch the (clearly must-see!) latest Superman film, ‘Man of Steel’ at the cinema.

After a lovely night’s sleep it was time for breakfast, which was actually quite nice- we had been led to believe (by Mr Radcliffe) that we would only be served ‘half a breakfast’ but we soon found this wasn’t the case!

Now it was finally time to take a visit to Freaky Freud’s House! We took the opportunity to have a peek round the very location he lived and worked.
We even got to see his famous therapy couch, where we were told via the audio guide that if his clients did not lie there by choice they would be hypnotised to do so -eek!
We were amazed to learn Freud also had a very strong interest in archaeology, which was very clear in his decor, as there were ancient pots and bones everywhere! Were they simply products of excavation or did the long-winded (sorry thorough) nature of Psychodynamic therapy really take a lot longer than expected…?

Before leaving Freud’s house we of course had to visit the Gift shop – where we found lots of comical items including Freudian Slip-pers and Id shot glasses!

Some of the group then headed to Oxford Street for a spot of shopping, while others visited the Science Museum to see the Psychology Exhibition ‘Mind your Head’!

Sadly by now it was time for our trip to come to an end, so we headed back to Euston Station to catch our train home 🙁

Overall we all had a really fun (and of course educational!) trip indeed, thank you Psychology Dept. for taking us, and we look forward to hopefully many more exciting trips in the future! 🙂

Paloma Shakouri

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Psychology AS Essay Competition


Cambridge University has launched their Psychology 2013 essay competition for students currently in their first year of study for A-Level.

There are three cash prizes of £300, £200 and £100 for the best three essays. The overall winner and his / her subject teacher will be invited to receive the prize at a lunch at Newnham College, Cambridge.

Last year Bolton school student Rachel Zarrouk won first prize. Now it’s your turn…

The closing date is the 30th June 2013. Further information can be found on this document.

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Work Experience Programme in Psychology


The work experience will take place from 1st to 5th July 2013 and is aimed at AS-Level Psychology students who are interested in finding out more about working in a Psychology department. This will include students who are considering working as a psychologist or psychology researcher in their future careers. 

If you are interested fill out an application form and return this to  before Friday 24th May. They will contact applicants to inform them about whether they have been successful after 31st May.

 More about the application process

  • Consent: Please note that the application form includes the request for consent to participate both from parents/carers and from a relevant teacher in college; without this consent student will not be allocated a place
  • Priority places: Half of the available places will be offered as a priority to learners from backgrounds that are currently under-represented in higher education. For a number of reasons learners from certain backgrounds are less likely to progress to university study, so if either: no one in your immediate family has studied at university; or you have a disability; or you have experience of local authority care, you will be considered for one of these places.
  • Personal statement: Selection will also be made on the basis of the personal statement provided on the application form.

The application form can be found on the class resources page – HERE

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Year 12 and 13

Weds 20 March 2013, 1:15 -4pm at Manchester University

What Do Psychological Scientists Do?

An afternoon of interactive talks where scientists from the School of Psychological Sciences bring along an object they use in their everyday research and use it as a starting point to explain aspects of their work.

 This event will be of interest to students who are interested in Psychological Sciences (Psychology; Clinical Psychology; Audiology, Speech & Language Therapy).

 If you are interested in attending please see Mrs. Sanders

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The next film night for Year 13 will be on


Wednesday 6th march




We will be showing ‘The Sixth Sense’

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Year 12 – Psychology Film Club

Tuesday 22nd January in A27

Girls Division

Curtains up at 4.15

FILM – Shutter Island

 Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seatsCreative Commons License atomicjeep via Compfight

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I have added two PowerPoints to help with your revision:

1) Assumptions and methodologies

2) Comparing Approaches

You will find them under the Resources Link


Merry Christmas

Mrs Sanders

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Year 12 Homework – Key Approaches


Year 12 Homework – Key Approaches

Please read the article on ‘Little Hans’ (You can find this by going to the column on the right ‘Friends and Links’. Click on Psychology Resources click documents and go to PSYB1 – Approaches) Using the summary sheet (also in the resources area) summarise it in no more than 100 words. If you would like to discuss the case of Little Hans click the link on your right – Little Hans Discussion

Hand this in to Mrs Sanders on or before Friday 14th December.

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Battle of the Brains – Winners!!!


The votes have been collected and the winners of battle of the brains are:

BOB Winners

From left to right:

Rachel Jones, Lucy Worrall, Izzy Gore-Ward, Beth Warke, Ammarah Moheed, Charlotte Holden, Kirsten Reader and Zara Brown.



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Battle of the brains!!


 Year 12 students have created their own map of the brain. 

Polling has opened!

Click on the Battle of the brains page on your right.

Phrenology shellgreenier via Compfight


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